Friday, November 20, 2015

Hannah ... Sigh ...

Today was a Mom-Day for the record books.

There are so many ways I could try to write it and explain it and quantify it and qualify it. I will instead say that Hannah beat me today. She won. She literally left me spinning and completely and utterly off my axis. 

I was forced, at the end of it all, to hug all my children and apologize for the raving lunatic I became in the midst of attempting to do school work, make lunch, and stop Hannah from destroying my home. The kids assured me, as they always do, that I was the "best mom ever."

But I have my doubts.

In the course of twenty minutes (and I am not exaggerating when I tell you it was, honestly, twenty minutes) Hannah managed to rip Isaac's favorite magazine, break Abigail's bracelet, and get into the sharpies, while changing outfits .... well ... check out her outfit changes for yourself ...

This child has left me questioning everything about myself as a woman, a mother, and just plain human being. I have no idea how to homeschool my other three children with Hannah in my home. When she walks through a room, things totally lift into the air and start to spin behind her coming down all over the room. She is "Hannah the Hurricane."

And while she forced me to put her down for a nap she didn't take and quit homeschooling my other three children and put on a movie for my older children and climb into my bed with a bowl full of chocolate ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup, I truly cannot imagine my life without her spirit and spunk and love.

I love her so much. So much.

But holy cow am I in over my head or what.


Anonymous said...

I love the ending -and that you sat w/ icecream! :) Thinking maybe she wants to be an actress or model, as she is filmed in new outfits! love you -can't wait to see those kids in December! Auntie Jan

Aimee said...

My sister says often, if she'd had her third child first, there would've only been one.
And my sister-in-law has a Hurricane Hannah too. I'm not sure she's on your Hannah's level, but she does make the day insteresting.
Just know, even on the tough days, you are doing your best. Kids will get in to mischief, it is their nature. Could Grama and Grampa take her a few hours while you do your schooling? Just a thought.
My step-daughter is four and we've only had her eight months, but the damage done prior to her being with us is evident every day. She is a chronic liar, and sassy beyond belief! I don't know if she'll make it to five, let alone being a teen some days. In those moments, I have to leave the room and count to ten because otherwise, I just explode.
So know, you aren't alone.
And thank you for being real.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Aimee, we are actually looking into a system where I get some help with her 2 hours a day -- we were just brainstorming this morning. I am admitting I must change something ....

AW said...

Friend, I'm not sure how you do it. JK is finishing up Y1 of AO (we switched from Simply Charlotte Mason to AO last spring, so slightly "behind") and B is doing Y0. I have no idea how I'm going to HS just two next year. I don't have a Hannah the Hurricane. I call B my Tasmanian Devil because he's just got SO much energy and is so rough. But he's generally very loving and obedient and knows the boundaries without my presence. So I have empathy and will be praying for you to be exactly what you need to be for each individual child. I know you can do it. Because you've been ordained for this job. Chin up friend!

leina williams said...

You have a hurricane, we have a "Thomas Tornado"!! lol