Monday, November 09, 2015

My Houdini

After finding Hannah completely naked in her crib on many occasions ... and having to wash soiled sheets from her using the bathroom while completely naked, I went back to the drawing board.

Mind you I have never had another child remove a single piece of clothing. Especially not a diaper. 

So I bought pajamas with a zipper. I put them on backwards. And she was getting out of them! They even had a snap at the top that she could undo. It appeared she was undoing the zipper and shap, but I couldn't be sure that she wasn't wiggling out of them and then unzipping and unsnapping after they were off. 

So I tried a safety pin. And when I came in after nap, Hannah said, "I can't do this!" I looked, and sure enough, she had managed to unzip her pajamas straight down her back. But the pin had stayed intact! This little Houdini!

The pin seems to be doing the trick right now. Nothing else works because she can get t-shirts and pants on and off with ease. I have, however, when feeling a bit lazy, opted to not change her into the pajamas and simply pin the back of her shirt to the back of her pants at nap time and this seems to work okay.

God really does create kids in a variety of amazing packages.

The Hannah package makes me absolutely pull my hair out coupled with an intense sense of pride for how innovative and thoughtful and full of pazazz she is! She truly is full of spirit and spunk and is nothing close to boring!

She has also humbled me. I must admit, in the deep recesses of my brain, I kind of thought I had this parenting young children thing down to a science.



Jenny Chatham said...

Ok I have a naptime stripper too!! Usually the zipper has the tiny hole on the tip of the zipper...feed the pin through that and maybe just maybe it will work :) If not superglue and staples will do ;)

Anonymous said...

This is so familiar!! When my oldest was nearly 2, she started stripping and soiling her sheets daily - nap and night. I never did find a combo she couldn't get out of. Out of complete exhaustion (and frustration)I took the front off her crib and put a little potty in the corner of her bedroom. We did a little potty practice, put her in 'easy' off clothes and put her to nap. Sure enough, I started finding pee in the potty and of course her clothes all off... BUT the bed was dry. They sure are smart little stinkers!:)