Thursday, October 29, 2015

Zippers and buttons and toothbrush-covered suds

I put Hannah down for her nap. I have been working on bribery with a jelly bean after a few suggestions on this blog and on Facebook. "If you keep your clothes on in your bed, I'll give you a jelly bean when you wake up." I really thought she got it after about four naps/nights with no clothes removal.

But then ... this.

She didn't have her diaper off, but folks, I still don't understand how she unzips and unbuttons pajamas down her back? I checked and the snap and zipper were apart. I'm seriously flabbergasted by this chick.

But wait. My mother story isn't over. As I walked downstairs after putting her back down with her pajamas back on, Sidge came up to me, his hands covered in suds. "Mom, the suds in the bathroom sink came up over your toothbrush. But I got them to go back down."




DDT said...

I wonder if she has learned how to pull her limbs in and spin the pjs around to undo them or something like that

Anonymous said...

You need a video monitor in her room :) Glad to hear the jelly beans at least seem to be working to keep the diaper on. That is a success in my book!