Monday, October 12, 2015


(See what I mean? He REALLY loves mushrooms!)

The other day, I left to take Abigail to ballet. When I came home, JB told me that he had gone on a mushroom hunt with the boys while Hannah was napping. He took some pictures and shared some details. It was such a fantastic homeschool activity that I thought I would share them with you:

Can you see the puffballs in this photo? I spotted them from our kitchen window and took the boys out to check them out.

Here's a closer look. See them now?

There were 2 large ones. We left the one on top to release spores. The one on the bottom was very malformed. There is a real small one on the right. We harvested the big one on the left.

Here it is. Calvatia cyathiformis. The Purple-Spored Puffball Mushroom.

The boys got to pick it together!

It's almost the size of their heads!

Calvatia cyathiformis. The Purple-Spored Puffball Mushroom. When the interior is still white, the mushroom is edible. The central white portion will turn purple as the spores mature and are ready to be released.

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