Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hannah (in her own words)

My name is Hannah Kitsteiner Joy. Did you know that I know how to put on tights by myself? My mommy found me like this. My big sister Abigail doesn't even put tights on by herself. And yes, I'm wearing Abigail's shoes. I rarely wear my own shoes.

Here is another photo of me that I think pretty perfectly sums me up. I insisted on wearing each item I have on. Yes those are leopard print shoes. They are currently the only ones I will agree to wear without taking them off wherever we may be. I also picked out my dress, sunglasses, hat, and even the book I am reading. Mommy is now letting me look at non-Hannah-proof books on occasion because I have given up senseless ripping of pages. (The activity was boring me.)

When we went out this day, Mommy got a bunch of compliments on coordinating my shoes and my jacket. Only thing is -- she didn't mean to do this. This was ALL me.

Here's a picture of me before I went off for my homeschool co-op class. This blue purse is my favorite. I try not to go anywhere without my sunglasses and my purse.

I put this shirt on by myself. (Check out the tag in the front. It's the newest style. All the rage.)

A close-up of me at homeschool co-op. These are my favorite boots. I stole them from Abigail and don't let her wear them anymore. They are too big for me, but I really don't care.

I often attempt to change my own clothes with some funny results.

Our friend Carla gave this to Sidge for his birthday, but I have taken it over. Don't I look like Emmitt from The Lego Movie?

 Brother's flip-flops ad favorite purse. Totally my style!

When it is finally time to go to sleep at night, I'm pretty tuckered out from all the clothes changing and wardrobe styling and trying to get out my clothes in my bed I do all day long! Night night!


Nancy Gritter said...

Oh my goodness, she is totally awesome!! I cant wait to see the continuing saga of Hannah!..she is gonna be so much fun to watch grow up! Who does she take after, that is so strong willed???????????? :) They say the ones that give you the most "gray hairs" are the ones to give you the greatest joy! Enjoy every single wonderful you know, they grow up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too fast!

Anneli Tre said...