Saturday, October 17, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Off to Grama's House We Go

Up until two weeks ago, we were leasing out our land to a neighbor to run his cattle. Those cows have now moved on to "greener pastures" (i.e. heaven) and the kids can now move around the farm without requiring supervision. Prior to the cows departure, we didn't let the kiddos out of the three-acres surrounding our house. We had a young bull and a lot of nursing mothers, and we therefore thought the kids shouldn't be by themselves.

But now that the cows are gone, we are allowing the three older kids more and more freedom on the property. It is so fun to watch them gain independence and tackle more and more of our land. We have about 40 acres of pasture and 60 acres of woods. Right now, we are not allowing them in the woods and allowing them on any pasture that we can see from the house.

Sidge is, right now, and by far, our most desirous of adventure. He would be outside all day long. He will go and sit in front of the pig/sheep enclosure and just talk to the animals. He helps with anything that he can. He will take his bow and arrow out and just take off on an "adventure." Two days ago, he asked if he could go to Grama's house by himself, and I let him go. He got some peanut M&Ms while over at her house which really intrigued his younger siblings.

So yesterday, we decided to let all three of them walk to Grampa and Grama's house by themselves. It is about a 5 minute walk (1/4 mile) -- all on our property and very secure. I texted Grama to let them know the kiddos were leaving, and she texted me to let them know they got there.

Here's a pic Grama took of the kids arriving from their first solo walk:

Isaac way in the lead. 

Sidge and Abigail. (I sent Scrubs with them -- you can just see him in the background.)

There are hard things about living on a farm. We lost a pig today. Sidge took it really hard. We have a chicken we think we'll lose by day's end. There are a lot of chores. There are a lot of flies.

But I cannot even put into words how wonderful it is to see my kids able to be outside like this -- to take long walks by themselves -- to spend time with animals by themselves.

We love this farm!


Jane said...

So cool that they can be explorers/adventurers on your own land!

Rachel and Hans said...

Freedom to explore is an amazing thing! I tend to be pretty low key about my kids being outside and playing without constant supervision. Nothing like exploring acres of a farm, but I think it's important to let them have that freedom (as safely as possible, of course). It's good for them not to have a hovering mommy all the time!!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I totally agree Rachel. It is a very fine line between freedom and lack of supervision and I am constantly asking JB if I gauged that one correctly or not. The good thing is my older three are good listeners ... that being said, when Sidge asked to go to Grama's, I specifically said, "If she isn't there, come right home. Do not go by the ponds at any time without a grown up." When Grama greeted him, she asked him, "What would you have done if I wasn't here?" And he replied, "Um, maybe go to Arrow Head Pond?" Huh? That got me thinking he may be a little young to make decisions ...