Friday, October 23, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Big Visitor Month

JB's brother Ray and his family (Wife Gabbi and kids: Grace and Nate) came into town during their Fall Break. This makes our third set of visitors and we still have one more coming in in a few days.

I didn't get very many pictures. Hoping that Gabbi may have gotten a few more that I can add to this post? 

But here are a few I did snag:

We took the entire crew to Yoder's -- an Amish store with a little lunch counter that we just love to go to. It was a little cold but we all managed to have lunch outside. 

Another day we went with our church to Fender's Farm. It is about an hour from our house but was a really great time.

Here is a video of all six cousins on a swing together!

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