Friday, October 30, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Disheartened

Drove to Asheville, North Carolina today (about 1.5 hours) in JB's big Ford F-250 with Hannah to pick up some feed for our chickens. JB, Shane, and Dan were staying home to process 10 of our ducks.

Picked up the 1,000 pounds of feed and then, on the highway on the way home, the truck basically ... died. Like threw a rod died. It's forever dead.

It had been such a nice day. Beautiful weather. And a wonderful lunch just me and my youngest. I was feeling so carefree and just enjoying the day so much.

And then that.

I was one mile from a mechanic and I managed to creep the truck into the parking lot. Where the mechanic broke the news that the truck was no more.

I waited an hour and a half for our friend Shane to pick me up in Dan's truck. We loaded the 1,000 pounds of feed over and headed home.

I'd love some prayers for us tonight. We've had a few financial punches in the gut in the last few months and this one really hurts. To lose a vehicle like this really spins us on our axis.

We know God will provide. He always does. But in the meantime, feeling a bit winded.

P.S. If anyone knows anyone in the Asheville, NC area who would like to help us sell a truck for junk, please let me know.


Unknown said...

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Jane said...

Oh, what a difficult load to bear! Hoping you find a good solution for this loss and to balance out the others you've had. Still so impressed and inspired by the way you are making your life, and doing it so intentionally and faithfully!