Friday, October 09, 2015

We Bought a Farm: New Bogs!

When I was in Vermont visiting Joni, we went to the local Pick & Shovel: the local hardware/toy/pet/farming/clothing store. I spent some time talking to the lady in the boot department. I have really struggled with finding the right footwear for my kids on the farm. Rain boots, sort of work, but they just aren't warm enough sometimes. I wanted something for my kids that would handle rain and snow and be easy to pull on and off. She told me I needed Bogs.

They didn't have our size so they had to be ordered online. Here they are:

Our new boots!

Hannah insisted she sit down for the picture.

I love the quiet spunk of this little lady.

See the little handles on the sides of the boots? Love those!

I could not get both of them to look at the camera to save my life!

Yes, Abigail dressed herself.

I will let you know how these things hold up through our first winter!


Anonymous said...

Bogs are great! I have a pair and and my older daughter had a pair that my younger daughter can now fit into. We originally bought them for visits to a local farm (my daughter was going once a week for a program) and they held up beautifully through mud, etc.

Anonymous said...

Would someone in The Pick 'N Shovel steer you wrong????? Joni

TAV said...

Love bogs!