Thursday, October 29, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Meet Red

When we purchased our arm, the owners asked us to consider taking on "Red" as our own dog. We quickly agreed. But we closed on the farm in November and didn't move here until June, and by then, the interim foster family across the street from us had fallen in love with Red and he with them.

So while he is technically not our dog, we still sort of lay claim to him. He's really skinny because he lives with four other dogs who dominate eating time. So we all keep treats in our van, and anytime we see Red out and about, we stop and give him some. He is usually with his pal "Blue" but on this particular day, it was only Red, and I managed to snag a few pictures of him. 

He's such a sweet pup!

When Josh and Sarah were visiting, Red and Blue came over to visit us, and Sarah said, "Man, this is country life isn't it?" It really is. I love that these dogs just come to see us and I love the friendliness of all the people who live over in our neck of the woods.

Every day this feels more like home.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Red is adorable! I'd want him too, keep feeding him, maybe he'll move in ! Lol