Tuesday, October 06, 2015

We Bought a Farm: And then there were 8!

From 2001-2003, JB and I lived in a duplex in Franklin, Kentucky. My cousin, Josh, and his wife, Sarah, lived across the street.

It was an awesome time in our life. We were basically broke, but it was before infertility touched our lives. JB and I were in our first five years of marriage, and we just absolutely loved having best friends living across the street. Josh and Sarah were our "people." It was an awesome two years.

In 2003, we left Franklin to move to Rochester, Minnesota for JB to attend medical school. At the same time, Josh and Sarah moved to Chicago for Josh to take on a youth director position.

They now live in Nashville, TN. Josh is the head pastor at New Hope Community Church there. (A great church if you are looking for a church in the Brentwood area.)

To this day, we remain fantastic friends (and family!)

When we moved in 2003, Josh and Sarah were pregnant with their first child. Their son Tyler is now 12. He is a "marker" for me because at the time he was born, JB and I were just started to try to have children. Had we gotten pregnant when we planned, we'd have a 12 year old!!

Even crazier is that today, Josh and Sarah have four children: two boys and two girls! And JB and I have the same spread of children. Their kiddos range in ages from 4 months to 12. Our's range from 2-7. We are obviously a lot more squished together!

We are so excited that Josh and Sarah only live a few hours from us here in Eastern, Tennessee. We are excited to get to spend some great time with them here on the farm.

Today we went to the Gatlinburg Aquarium. Here are a few fun pics of our outting.

Here's Josh and Sarah -- I stole this picture off of their Facebook page.

7 of the 8 kiddos. (Josh and Sarah's baby is just 7 months old so she's not included.)

The 7 kiddos. (Hannah is playing with something between the girls.)

Our kiddos. So crazy there are now eight children between us.

Our caravan to Gatlinburg. Two mini vans. Look how far we've come!

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