Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sleeping Beauties

We had our roughest night last night. I think she's dealing with the 4 hour time change as well. So there were lotsa naps today!

We put Abigail in her crib for bed the day we returned and she climbed out in about 5 seconds. So we asked her if she wanted to sleep in the crib or the big girl bed in her room. She picked the bed and has been in there ever since. There are a few crying wake-ups at night. (And one fell-out-of-the-bed wake up) but overall, she's doing great. All of a sudden this afternoon, JB and I realized that Abigail wasn't with either of us. John went upstairs and found her on her bed, sound asleep. She had put herself down for a nap. (Apparently, according to JB's mom, he used to do the same thing.) 

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Kayla Lee said...

Very happy for you and your family. I have enjoyed you blog and now I have 2 foster kids under 1 and so it had been a while since I had checked in and OMgosh you have a new baby girl congrats!