Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Time to go!

All three kiddos are hanging out with Papa and Grama Di as we get ready to head to the hospital. The boys seem to totally understand what is going on and that they need to be big helpers today with Abigail.

We keep explaining to Abigial what is happening. We say, "Where are Mommy and Daddy going?" and she says, "Baby!" Then we tell her that she is going to come up to the hospital and see the baby. "And what else are you going to get to do?" we ask, and she makes the sign with her hands for holding and gets a big smile.

Okay so maybe she doesn't totally get it. She keeps pointing to Papa's stomach and saying "Baby. Baby." :) The boys decided to help Papa was the car so it would be nice and shiny when they went to go see the baby.

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Joia said...


She'll "get it" soon enough! =)