Monday, September 09, 2013

Happy Grandparents Day (Part II) ... exciting news to share

So today I present a thank you and share some excitement with all of you regarding JB's parents: the other greatest grandparents in the world.

To say that I like my in-laws would be an incredible understatement. I love them. They are amazing people: fantastic parents and even more fantastic grandparents.

Their help so many times in our lives has been incredibly appreciated, especially help with each of our babies. Mom was there to watch Isaac when I spent a week in the hospital after Sidge was born. We were able to vacation with them in Germany shortly after Abigail's arrival (see photo above). And now, during this babe's life, they have been standing by ready and able to help with everything as well.

Grama K. has always amazed me with her creativity. She can entertain the kids with a piece of wood or one cup of play dough. She is one of those Gramas that has a ton of tricks up her sleeve. I have also always admired her for the way she can let the rest of her world go and just live in the present. She is able to multi-task and focus on the task at hand without looking in any other direction too much. Anytime we come over, she quickly puts aside anything else begging for her attention and gives the attention to the people there presently.

Grampa K. is, truly, just a great man. If there is a man that I want my boys to learn from and emulate, he would be at the top of that list. I am not surprised to be married to such a great man. He had a great example of a man to follow. Dad K. works incredibly hard, with long hours, as a carpenter. But there is nothing more important to him than his family. He would do anything for any member of his brood any day.

So it is with great excitement that I share some incredible news. These wonderful people that I call Mom and Dad, are moving to the Azores with us! Yes, you read that correctly. It is time for Dad to retire. We always thought he would do this after JB's commitment to the military expired next summer. But he decided to do it a little earlier. He is putting his hammer down and going to come live with us. They'll be with us in the Azores until next summer and will then share a part of our lives where life next takes us.

Mom is actually flying out just a day after us. Dad was planning on coming with her, but he still has some things to accomplish and finish up here in South Florida. So he'll do that and hopefully be just a few weeks behind her.

We are so amazingly blessed to have JB's parents finish out our time on the island with us. To have our kids get to have their grandparents near them for the first time ... ever ... is an amazing feeling. We are very excited.

Happy Grandparents Day Grampa and Grama K.

Let the adventure begin!


TAV said...

Amazing news!!! So great your family can do this for you and with you!!

Nancy Gritter said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! How awesome is THAT!!!!! I am so happy for you all and for THEM!!!! God and HIS perfect timing!!! How perfect for the kiddos as a new baby can take up alot of your time! :) But then I guess you KNOW that!! haha...What a HUGE help for you guys! And there is NO BODY more wonderful than grandparents!!! :) That is just the best news ever!

Kell said...

Awesome news!

The Mac's House said...

Honestly there is nothing more special than being there day by day to be present in your grandchildren lives. I know I do it every single day and wouldn't want it any other way. A blessing to everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

This is such an awesome plan that God has laid out! Wendi, I love how you love J.B.'s parents so much. It is so refreshing! Also, I think as a fellow Grandma, that Grandma K needs to write a book of ideas for the less-than-creative Grandmas out there! I for one would appreciate it!

Love you!