Sunday, September 15, 2013

Abigail Updates

Since arriving in South Florida, Abigail has continued to do new things everyday. These include:
  • Saying "yo ho ho!" from Jake and the Pirates.
  • Saying "Go" and bringing her brothers and myself our shoes when I have said it is time to go.
  • If she can't find something, putting her hands up to ask "where"
  • Signing "shoes" and "airplane" and "help" consistently now.
  • Putting on her own shoes (white flip-flops with backs).
  • Quickly recognizing names and faces of family members and pointing to them when asked.
  • She now says, "Diiii" for Grama Di.
  • Bossing around her brothers (more and more every day).
  • Feeling more and more comfortable around grandparents and aunts and uncles and allowing me to leave her with them with relative ease.
  • Attempting to say "hello". I'm trying to get it on video because it is just so funny the way she says it.
  • Attempting to say "buh bye" when talking to Daddy on the phone. She is also saying "Night-Night".
  • First sentence: "Daddy night-night" an d then making sign and saying "ssssshhhhh."

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Gabbs said...

And she says, "Babby" for Gabbi! :)