Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Funnies

After Isaac had pulled a random Superhero fact out of thin air, yet again, JB said to him: "Man Isaac. You have a memory like a steel trap."
Isaac: "No, I don't."
JB: "No, that's a good thing. It means you are very smart."
Isaac: "Oh. Okay then."
Sidge's prayer last night: "Dear Jesus, please bless this food and help us go back to the Azores and help the flight not be deleted." (He meant delayed.)
The following conversation took place while JB was at the grocery store with Sidge.
Sidge: Daddy, do all the people eat the food?
JB: What people? What food?
Sidge: The people who live at the store?
JB: No, they don’t live there. They work there.
Sidge: Oh. Why do they work there?
JB: So they can make money.
Sidge: So they can buy food?
JB: Yes.
Sidge: So, they work there to buy food there?
JB: Sure.
Sidge: No they don’t.
JB: What?
Sidge: They only work there. But they get food from Flamingo Gardens.
JB: What?
Sidge: They have food at Flamingo Gardens. It grows there. They work at the store, but they leave and get food from Flamingo Gardens and then go back to the store.
JB: Oh.
While watching a nature show: 
Sidge: Daddy, are those bats?
JB: Yes.
Sidge: Are they good or bad?
JB: Well, they are good. They eat lots of bugs.
Sidge: Oh, that is good.
JB: Yes.
Sidge: Do they eat people?
JB: No.
Sidge: Do they attack people.
JB: No.
Sidge: Then they are good!
JB: When we have a farm, we will build some bat houses, so the bats will eat the insects that eat the food in our garden.
Sidge: How do you build a bat house?
JB: It’s not hard. I can show you. Maybe even Grampa K can show you and build one with you.
Sidge: That sounds great! How do you tell the bats to go into the houses?
JB: You just put them out, and the bats will find them.
Sidge: Oh. I know! We can go out there and tell the bats, in bat voices, “Here is a house for you!”
JB: Okay.
Sidge: Daddy?
JB: Yes.
Sidge: How do you talk in bat voices?
JB: I don’t know.
Sidge: Yeah. I betcha Grama K knows.

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