Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fine motor skills: marshmallow building

With our return to the island comes an attempt, on my part, to begin homeschooling the boys. This year is just preschool. Isaac is technically old enough to start school (May birthday) but we have chosen to hold him back a year so that he and Sidge would be in the same grade.

My goal each day is to just spend 1-2 hours doing educationally related activities. That's it. No curriculum. No requirements. Just fun (or hopefully so.) I hope to share a lot of what we do on the blog -- not only for those who are interested but for my future homeschooling adventures with the girls (if I get that far!)

I hope these pictures and details help illustrate that I am a very real mom doing very real things. I am not in any way "one of those moms." :)

Click here to see this activity on Pinterest.


leina williams said...

I do this every year with my class during our chapter about 3D shapes!

Joy Z said...

Wendi, you are so smart to go about schooling them this way!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YAY YOU! Perfect way to start. When I started preschool it was my "curriculum". Your boys will learn so much!