Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Funnies

JB promised to build the boys a sheet "fort" in their room today. However, by the time everyone was ready for it to be built, it was nearly time for bed. JB therefore presented the following options to his boys:
JB: "So I can build a fort now, at 5:00pm, and you'll only be able to play in it for one hour before it is time for bed. Or, I can build a fort tomorrow morning as soon as you wake up and you can play in it all day."
Sidge: "I want to watch a movie in the fort."
JB: "I know. But did you hear what I asked?"
Sidge: "Well, I want to stay in there for a really long time."
JB: "Right. So that would mean waiting until tomorrow."
Sidge: "But I want to build it now."
JB: "Well, now, means only one hour."
Sidge: "Is an hour a long time?"
JB: "It's sixty minutes."
Sidge: "I want ten hours."
JB: "So that would be tomorrow then."
Sidge: "Okay. So tomorrow then."

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