Saturday, September 07, 2013

Four little Kitsteiners

And then there were four.

I am "home" from the hospital! Now I can load some stuff and share some stuff on the blog. While I could get online at the hospital, I couldn't load anything to blogger. A bit frustrating but the last three times I was at the hospital, there was no internet access at all so I have nothing to complain about. Man are things different with technology.

Here are some videos of the kiddos meeting their little sister:

Isaac meets Hannah
Sidge meets Hannah
Abigail meets Hannah (quick kiss)
Abigial meets Hannah (longer)

I was glad to see this videos as I was not feeling very good during this part and don't really remember it that much (see below).

I checked into the hospital on Wednesday at 10am. They hooked me up to the monitor and the nurse was like, "You are having contractions every 2 to 3 minutes." Yep. Sure was. Sure have been. But these babies got really intense, and by the time the doctor came in, he was like, "I'm glad we have this scheduled for today."

Me too!

It was nice to receive the epidural and stop feeling those for awhile.

It is true, yes sir'ee that this little lady weighed 10 pounds and 2 ounces. Can you believe it? I definitely thought I looked "smaller" with Hannah than I did with Sidge or Abigail. Before we went back to deliver, I guessed that she was 8.2. JB guessed 7.15. We were both way off.

They had a little trouble getting Hannah out because she was so big. Lots of pulling and tugging -- much more than I was used to. As soon as she came out, one of the nurses assisting on the surgery said, "It's a ... toddler!" Quite funny. JB noticed how much hair she had. Very dark brown hair. Go figure!

They brought me back to the room after the surgery to recover where it appeared I had a bit of hypothermia set in. This didn't last long, but they just couldn't get my temperature up enough and I therefore felt pretty lousy. Once this was corrected, however, I felt tons better. I wasn't shivering and didn't even feel cold. I was even sweating. But I just didn't feel good until this got fixed.

By Thursday mid day I was up and moving around, and the doctor gave me the choice to go home on Friday or wait until Saturday. I was feeling pretty good and opted for Friday. So here we are.

A huge thank you to my parents, JB's mom, and Aunt Danielle for helping with the kiddos while we were at the hospital. In addition, Abigail was having a hard time away from us so my mom spent the second night at the hospital so that Daddy could be with the other three kids. I really appreciated this.

Here's a picture Danielle sent us from the time she spent with the kiddos on Friday:

JB saw this picture and said, "I bet things went down like this..." (Danielle said he nailed it almost exactly!)

Gramma: "Okay, everyone... Thumbs up!"
Isaac: "I'll smile, but I'm not putting my thumbs up. That would be too... conforming."
Elijah: "Thumbs up? Sure!!!! What else do you want me to do?"
Abigail: "I can't quite get my thumbs up, but I can point my fingers!"
We will be in South Florida about two weeks before we make our way back to the island. In addition, I wanted to share some incredible news about who will be coming back to the island to live with us for our remaining nine months.
But I'll wait to tomorrow to unveil that!


Kelly said...

Hi Wendi,
Congratulations on the arrival of Hannah! She is gorgeous. Hope you are recovering well. Such happy news!
-Kelly (blog reader and fellow military wife)

Anonymous said...

So incredibly happy for you all! There's nothing like bringing home a new baby! I really miss those days.. They are exhausting but savor every minute because it goes by so fast! Praising God for his blessings to you!