Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Elijah getting ready to see Daddy

I decided to take just the boys to the airport. JB got an earlier flight but was still due in late (8:30) for kid standards. I put Abigail to bed and got the boys ready to go. About that time, I found Sidge on the stairs at my parents' home, crying. I asked him why he was crying. He said, "Because I'm so happy to go get Daddy. You know how you cried when I was born because you were so happy? That's why I am crying." Priceless. I got a video of him talking about it afterwards:

As for Abigail, she ended up hearing JB and sitting up in her bed when we got home. She immediately jumped up, lifted her arms, and yelled "Daddy!" They spent about 5-10 minutes after that just snuggling on the bed before she agreed to go back to bed.

Everyone is so happy to have their jet-lagged Daddy back home. It is strange. To go from single-parent-parenting to having your partner back will take some adjusting. And we only have a few days to find a new normal as I go in for my bloodwork today (Tuesday) and our C-section is scheduled for Wednesday around noon!

Keep checking the blog. Sometime on Wednesday we'll get a post up announcing the birth of our daughter, who we are pretty sure we have finally named.

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