Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lion Country Safari (without me)

First up on the Lion Country Safari trip is the drive-thru portion of the trip:
Each of the kiddos got a turn in the front seat.

Isaac had his "blue bear" sit on the dashboard to see the animals. (He is VERY stuck on his blue bear and small doggie.)

Love this little face!

Sidge doesn't have any animal he "needs" when he goes to sleep so he randomly chooses different ones on any given night/week. When JB asked him if he wanted to bring one to the park, he randomly chose this yellow bear from Grama Di's stash.

None of the kids wanted to stay near the lions. Abigail was actually making the sign for "all done." They wanted outta there!

Big male lions

Abigail showing off her pacifier bunny in the window. She is majorly stuck on that thing! (Habits to be broken on another day in another country!)


Apparently Sidge was way excited to see the zebras.

An attempt at a picture of all three of them.

When the rhinos started running, JB played it up a bit. He thought the kids were into the game but apparently Sidge was pretty scared. When they drove away he said, "Whew. I'm glad to get outta there. That gave me a stomach ache."


They were able to see the monkeys switching over to a different island.

After the drive-thru portion, it was time to head to the walk-thru portion of the park. The kids absolutely LOVED feeding the birds!

And now? Time to feed the goats!

After that, JB braved the waterpark and then they had lunch.

Then it was time for birds in a different section. Sidge loved being a piwate!


I love this one of Abigail. She is making the sign for "snack" in the background. That kid wants a snack ALL ... THE ... TIME.

Off to the amusement park ride:

Abigail attempting her new smile.

She's saying "Cheeeseeee!"


Here she is saying "Yeeee"

And here she is saying "Hawwwww."
A boat ride:

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