Friday, September 20, 2013

Grama K. is here!

She's here! We can't believe it but she is here!! She did a little settling in and now, after an overnight flight, she's taking a nap.

Dad K. hopes to be a month or so behind her. It'll take him awhile to tie up all the loose ends in Fort Lauderdale. We can't wait to have him either.

We know this is a big move (ummm ... the biggest?) for them. We also know it is especially hard for JB's brother Ray and his family (wife Gabbi and kiddos Grace and Nate) as they spend a whole lot of time with Dad and Mom and soon, neither of them will be there. We are happy for us but also recognize the grieving that must go on when we say good bye.

We are continuing to settle into our life here, back on the island. Lots to do to get the house ready for a newborn. Lots of naps and unpacking going on here!

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