Monday, December 10, 2007

Nothing much to report

There really isn't very much to report today. JB is on Peds Clinic. This is a nice rotation even though he rarely gets home before six. Tonight we hope to run to the grocery store before dinner. I have cookies to make for my wive's luncheon on Wednesday. JB has a Bolognese to make for our dinner on Wednesday evening with our Bible Study.

Speaking of cookies, I decided on: "Baker's One Bowl Death by Chocolate Cookie". JB actually picked these out for me. They aren't chocolate chip so I think they are okay to use. I'll let you know how they turn out!

As I briefly mentioned on my blog last week, we have been waiting patiently for Bri's triple screen blood work to come back. At her last appointment, the doctor had noted that our little boy's femurs were measuring a little bit short so they wanted to check this against the blood work. Since Joan and Bri still haven't heard anything, we are taking this as a good sign that everything is as it should be. We appreciate your prayers for our son -- that he would be born healthy! We have complete peace that this will be the case. Bri's next appointment is in early January. Her next ultrasound on January 15th will be one that I am able to attend.

Off to page my husband. Come home already!

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Doctor Yaolin said...

I have actually been thinking about you and John the past couple of days. I am excited for you that you will be having a baby boy in May. Congrats!