Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bri & Me

On Sunday afternoon, JB and I were able to snag a few hours away and head down to Roy & Joan's house by the beach. It was great to drive on A1A and see our old home and the beach that we grew up with. We also got to spend time with them and with Bri.

Bri looks great and seems to be in great spirits. We are getting very excited for May to come -- both of us for different reasons! She is doing a great job, and I continue to remind her how awesome what she is doing really is. She is getting to give JB and myself such an amazing gift.

We have finalized the baby's full name of which Bri and Joan hold the secret! I will get to see Bri and the baby up-close on ultrasound in January and then I hope to return for a couple of showers in April before the baby is born.

Here are few photos from out afternoon.

Bri and me holding the Dalmatian ornament that Joan gave us each of us when Bri was just a few years old. I have the same ornament on my tree, and Bri has informed her mom that this ornament is moving when she moves! I do have a picture with JB, me, and Bri but I think that one is in Joan's camera.

Bri with Andre Agassi (aka "the Urinator")

Me with my tall friend Joan

Okay, so maybe we cheated just a bit!

Some of you have asked me what the birth "plan" is. Bri and I ironed out some of the details while I was there and are still finalizing how everything will work. For now I can tell you that JB and I are planning to rent a car as soon as we hear that she has gone into labor and head to south Florida to get our son. We won't be at the delivery itself but will get to be there right after the baby is born! We are all getting very excited.

Please continue to pray for Bri. Pray that she will have encouragement, strength, stamina, and a wonderful, smooth delivery. Please pray for little "XY" as well -- that he will continue to grow like crazy inside his safe home. We are so proud of Bri and can't wait until May!

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Rachel and Hans said...

great pics, wendi! i liked the one of your "tall friend" joan! pretty funny!!

glad you guys had such a good christmas!! here's to a special and exciting 2008!!