Saturday, March 12, 2022

Georgia Aqarium

We took the four kids to Atlanta. It's a bit overdue, but Sidge wanted to go to the aquarium for his 13th birthday (January 31). 

We realized that my sister-in-law, Adrienne "AD", and her oldest two children (Charleigh 13 and Baylee 11) were going to be in the area for Spring Break! 

While my kids knew about it, we surprised the Huisman girls by our presence at the Aquarium. Here's a video of our adventures:

After we were done at the Aquarium, we went to an amazingly delicious German restaurant in downtown Atlanta: Der Biergarten. It was seriously the BEST German food we have ever HAD in the USA. Amazing. Awesome. We also had some fun taking pictures afterwards:

When taking a picture of the whole group, it appeared that Charleigh will officially not be taller than either of my boys. We really wondered as she grew so much faster. But alas, it appears she may stop at 5'8". I wish I could bottle Charleigh's confidence though. That girl has no fear and is not worried at all about what anyone thinks. She is so good for my boys and I wish they could spend more time with her!

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