Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Parental visit :)

My parents just spent two weeks up in Tennessee. It is SO wonderful. They have their own house in Greeneville. We get to visit them, but they also get their own place. They aren't really rural folks, and goodness knows my life is rural. My Dad still works for my brother at Calvary Chapel doing athlete-bussing and announcing games etc. My mom still works for Roy at Doormark. (Roy is Isaac's birth gramps and long-time friends/family.) Not sure when they will be officially done, but when they are, they can spend more and more time up here during the year. 

It's especially nice because of the timing of so many things. My parents never thought they'd own anything. They finally had a mobile home. But then, they bought a townhouse in Florida just when the market was about to boom. Because of that boom, they were able to afford the second house up here which is now worth two-times as much as they bought it for just two years ago!

My parents also did me the great favor of driving one of the puppies back to its new owner in South Florida. (More pictures of that to come!)


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