Monday, March 28, 2022

It's the little things


We cannot serve everywhere. We cannot serve everyone. We cannot serve anytime. 

But we can make a few small choices to serve when we can. 

Saturday, my four kiddos went to help clean up the studio at Central Ballet Theatre. We have decided, that Sparks Karate and Central Ballet (they run in the same building with the same family heading them up) will be our ministry. We will also put effort into Heritage Home Scholars, the hospital, and our church: First Christian Church of Greeneville.

I always wanted to be taking my kids around the world to serve. But honestly, with COVID and finances and so many things in our lives, that isn't always possible. I truly thought we'd be a family living overseas doing medical missions. But that wasn't what the Lord lead us to do.

He's lead us to this farm. He's lead us to puppies. And somehow, through no vision of my own, a three-year-old who repeatedly asked to participate in ballet and a google search that lead me to Lori Ann. 

The rest is history. 

I've been trying to teach my kids that sometimes we do something when there is nothing in it for us. This can be hard in our fast-paced life. I was proud of my kiddos because this particular day, there were no bad attitudes and there was also no bribery. There was simply a request. A need. And us stepping up to answer.

I encourage you all: don't try to do everything. Your kids need to be home, doing nothing sometimes. 

But pick your ministry. 

And pour in.

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