Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Myths about chicken eggs #1: Vegetarian-fed chickens produce healthier eggs.

Vegetarian-fed chickens are NOT natural.
Chickens are omnivores. They eat seeds, fresh plants, and any bug or crawling thing that may cross their path.
This is an example of humans pushing a human ideology onto the animal world.
Chickens are not meant to be vegetarians any more than lions are.
Additionally, the “vegetarian-fed” label doesn’t tell you anything about the conditions where those chickens live… they may likely still live their whole lives in cages and never see the sun or sky.
In fact, if they are sold as vegetarian-fed, you can guarantee they have never set foot outside. That’s a terrible quality of life for a chicken.
When chickens eat a wide variety of natural foods, like they were designed to eat, combined with fresh air and sunshine, their eggs are significantly more nutrient dense (and healthier!) than what you could ever find in a grocery store.
Our free-range chickens eat organic chicken feed from New Country Organics, composed of soy-free, organic grains, mineral-rich kelp, and probiotics. But they also eat as much fresh grass, insects, and worms as they desire on our beyond-organic farm here in Greene County, East Tennessee.

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Joia said...

That basket pic is a GORGEOUS picture of your eggs! So impressed!