Saturday, March 26, 2022

Sewing Machine (& Hannah)

I have always struggled to put this little munchkin into words. From the womb she was different (making me sicker than a dog!) And as a tiny child she didn't want any part of "normal" kid toys and activities. She wanted to change her clothes, button buttons, slice tomatoes ... who had time for toys?

That has continued. She could tie her shoes and zip up zippers nearly before her brothers (four years older) could do it. Her hands are SO good. (I know she gets this from her Daddy who has always been incredibly gifted as a physician and an artist.) 

She has really taken to sewing and this week, our dear friend Anni, scored a sewing machine on Facebook Marketplace, and her sewing adventures have been continuing.

I don't know anything about sewing but Anni tells me she is quite advanced for her age. It doesn't surprise me. 

She has always moved to her own drum. She brings us SUCH joy. She is so unique. And I can't imagine if this little embryo didn't exist!

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