Saturday, March 12, 2022

Summer to Winter overnight

My Dad and Mom are in town for two weeks. Their house in downtown Greeneville is coming together so amazingly. It is going to be such an amazing home. And they bought it at such a prime time. My Aunt Jan took my mom, me, Mom's friend Debbie who traveled with them, and little Hannah out for the day. We visited The GreeneHouse and The Burlap Bunny. While The GreenHouse has become one of my favorite Greeneville jaunts, I had never been into the Bunny. Wow was it awesome! My Mom bought me the hat (pictured above.) Make sure to read it carefully.

We finished our time together having ice cream at another Greeneville favorite: Creamy Cup. We ate down on the chairs in 70-degree weather only to wake this morning to this:

I don't remember having this much snow at one time here -- it's a rarity. I want to say we got 4-5". It was lovely!

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