Saturday, August 23, 2014

Friday Funnies (a day late)

The boys continue to save their nickels to buy things. Isaac is constantly finding an expensive lego set he wants to buy and asking me how much it is. When I tell him it is seventy dollars (or 1,400 nickels) he starts getting frustrated by how much that costs.
Isaac: "We'll never save that many nickels."
Me: "That's because as soon as you save some, you spend them."
Isaac: "Yeah but I need to save a lot. How can I make that many?"
Me: "I have a chart on the wall with all the chores and things you can do to save nickels."
Isaac: "I know but we have toys to play with and our toys distract us."

In the van, we were playing the "Guess that animal game."
Me: "What is tall and pink?"
Abigail: "A flamingo?"
Me: "Yes!"
Abigail: "It is pink like your shirt."
Me: "That's right! My shirt is pink too."
Abigail: "And like my shoes."
Me: "Oh. Are your shoes pink?"
Abigail: "No."

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