Friday, August 01, 2014

5 and a half Sidge

Dear Sidge,

Today you turn 5 and a half. 

We sang Happy half birthday to you yesterday and you couldn't help but let that beautiful smile spread over your face.

I think back to the day we found out we were pregnant with you. You were never supposed to happen. You were not supposed to be. You were the child we thought we could not have. And then suddenly, there you were. A heartbeat on an ultrasound that had your father who was running the machine speechless. (That doesn't happen much.)

I think back to the evening in an Indian restaurant near Eglin Air Force Base that we chose your name. Elijah meant passion. And Luke was the physician in the Bible. We thought it was a great combination. 

(Of course we had no idea that your big brother would call you Sidge-uh because he couldn't pronounce Elijah and that you would insist that Sidge be your name so persistently that we had no choice but to stop calling you the awesome Bible name we picked out for you.)

I think back to the day you were born and am so grateful for the amazing doctors and nurses who saved your life that day. You weren't crying. You weren't breathing. I thought we'd lost you before we had you. And they did everything just right and suddenly you were screaming and I was holding you.

You love legos and superheroes and playing with your siblings. You know how to ride a bike and swim and you've tried roller blades a few times. You are a thinker and a dreamer and just like your name ... you are passionate about anything and everything you do. You are starting kindergarten this year at home with me. You are constantly making us laugh with your animated hand gestures and the way you say things. 

I love you sweet boy. I love your big blue eyes. And I absolutely LOVE being your Mom.

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