Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our day (in video)

Sometime around 5am, our day begins. If Hannah is awake before I am, I usually spend the first fifteen minutes "preparing the house" for her curiosity. I need to make sure the bathroom door is shut for instance (because she has already thrown more things in the toilet than all my other kiddos combined). I also need to make sure the gate to the stairs is secured because, as you will see in this video, if it is not, she'll find the weakness and capitalize on it asap.

Within about an hour, Sidge and Abigail are usually awake. And they want to eat. When you are trying to teach them to make their own breakfast ... what do you expect?

As breakfast comes to a close, everyone is a little less bleary-eyed. Why not start the morning with some dance moves? You'll notice that big brother Isaac has now woke up and joined the party. He is always the last one awake. And he is also the last one wanting to do any dance moves at any time of day:

By the time breakfast is over, Hannah is usually wearing clothes for the day and will have her hair pulled back so that she can see. Chances are, she'll be running from room to room finding new things to get into it. And chances are, she'll be holding her new favorite stuffed animal: Curious George. This is sweet to me as George was my favorite toy growing up, but my other three kids have expressed little interest in the stuffed animal (although the boys did like the movie):

And most likely, at some point in the day, one of the children will find themselves facing a crisis. Like getting a stroller stuck in your shirt. That's serious stuff!

And if your stroller isn't stuck, if you are Hannah, you have certainly found a way to get yourself stuck on something by the time dinner rolls around:

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