Friday, April 01, 2011

What I want the World to Know About ...

... miracles.

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By: Lynda N.

Lynda was born and raised in Colorado. She has been married for 30 years to Alan and they have 2 sons, Ian (25) and Daniel (13). They currently live in a suburb of Little Rock, AR. Lynda started reading my blog when Isaac was just three months old. She is my great friend Melissa's (from Christo and Melissa in Minnesota) aunt!

MIRACLES! Yes, God is still in the business of miracles! We have been so blessed to actually receive miracles in our family. There are minor acts of amazing grace which we sometimes call a “miracle” and there are miracles that are witnessed by professionals who claim there was no other way. Our family has experienced two of the latter (and many of the former).

When our youngest was 3 ½ years old, he was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary which was diagnosed only because he developed diabetes insipidus (DI) which is usually a result of “something else”. After running numerous scans and test, he was diagnosed with a disease called Hystiocytosis (the cancer twin). They predicted the disease would spread slowly and painfully throughout his organs and he most likely wouldn’t live much past 7 years old. Since his only symptom was the DI, they recommended following the tumor with monthly MRI’s. The tumor grew ever so slowly the first year. We had people all over the world praying. Then…an MRI indicated the tumor was shrinking. At the end of the 2nd year, the tumor had disappeared completely and had the disease had not spread. The only explanation was “a miracle’, told to us by the doctors at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. “This just doesn’t happen! You got a miracle!”, they said. He is now a healthy 13 year old, hormonal boy. He still has DI, but he can live with that! We are so grateful. You see, he was our infertility baby and we were positive God gave him to us because he has a purpose in this life. His purpose right now is to proclaim God’s work in his life! I promised God that I would tell his story to anyone who would listen! You asked!

We were grateful and yet not surprised when God did it again in 2006. This time, our then 20 year old was a victim of a horrible 4 car, double fatality wreck on the freeway in Colorado. He sustained a double fracture at the C2 (we are told this is the identical fracture Chris Reeves suffered). The miracle…he had no neurological damage! Praise GOD!!!! The neurologists were shocked. The cops and emergency personnel were amazed he survived! The physicians told us he was the first case they had seen with that fracture that wasn’t killed or at the very least, a quadriplegic. Again…they proclaimed him a “miracle” for all to see and hear about. His case has been written in medical journals because this is so incredibly unusual! Today, he’s a licensed pro-rated bicycle racer. I had a hard time when he got back on the bike after the accident and he reminded me that he didn’t get injured on the bike! They told us that should he reinjure that same spot again, it will kill him. He is in God’s hands and we can’t worry about that.

We are SO blessed! I have learned to trust in God’s protection and leave my worries at the feet of Jesus! It is amazing how much burden was lifted when I realized I truly don’t need to worry! When those important to me walk away, I pray for their safety. When they return to me, I say “thank you, God”! I leave the middle up to Him!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your family's miracles! Such a good reminder that He holds our children in his hands.


Anonymous said...

This was so beautiful to read..thanks! Tante jan