Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This might be ...

... one of my favorite pictures ever. Wow Veronica! That's all I can say. What a great shot of our little boy. This picture reminds me so much of him. And so much of his Daddy.

JB has a theory. He believes that children are only afraid of outdoor "stuff" (like poisonous snakes?!) because their parents are. So he's determined to let the kids get dirty, explore the earth, touch bugs, etc. I am trying to go along for the ride, although I find that when one of the boys goes to pick up an earthworm, a gasp gets out of my throat before I can stop it.

Here is Elijah doing his own exploring. He finds little sticks, twigs, rocks, and checks them out. They must find the PERFECT rock too. When Isaac finds a rock now, he picks it up, puts it in his pocket, and says, "Daddy will love this!" So true.

(And truth be told, so does Mommy. She loves having dirty little boys.)


Kiley said...

I am the same with my kiddos. I want them to "Enjoy the outdoors" not fear it. My 5 year old daughter loves anything that crawls, moves, or otherwise is not your "typical" home pet. For her 5th birthday she begged us to have "Thomas the tarantella" come to her party. She had about 5 girls and 3 boys that were able to make it. Out of all those who came, she was the ONLY one who would touch, hold, squeal with delight at the animals he brought out. Of course, the spider being her favorite. My other kids loved the animals as well, touching and holding them. But her face was the most happiest. Now if she could only have them for pets!


Emily said...

I'm really trying to keep a lid on my arachnophobia and distaste for insect life in general, because I would like to spare my kids that same fate. But I'm fearing some of it must be genetic (or else, I'm doing a poor job of hiding my disgust), because one of my daughters screams and runs away every time she sees an ant. So all that to say, great job with your boys!