Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Stitches

Our Sunday started off innocently enough -- by trying on the new Mickey shirts that Joni and Bri bought for the boys for Easter.

There was supposed to be a sunrise service at the park and a unity service and a church picnic. Unfortunately, bad weather moved everything inside and cancelled the picnic altogether. So prior to going to the unity service at noon, we decided to die some easter eggs. Due to Isaac's egg allergy (he can't even touch them as far as we know), we had to keep him busy with other things while Elijah, Veronica, and Daddy died eggs. Good thing for us, Isaac usually likes to do things solo anyways. He contentedly played with his cars and then not-so-contentedly waited for some glue to dry on an Easter Duck Kit that Papa and Grama Di sent for him. Mommy mostly cleaned up the messes developing while everyone else played. She really has no patience or talent for dying eggs.

Here's some pictures of Veronica's very first attempt EVER at dying eggs!

After eggs, it was time for the noon unity service. This is where the various protestant groups on Base meet and worship together. This includes our traditional service, gospel service, contemporary service, and Church of Christ service. There was no childcare which meant thirty minutes was all our guys had in us. JB took them back to the cry room for the sermon and communion.

After church, we took some family pictures. I really like them!

This is where our fun day ended. We took the boys upstairs to put them down for their naps. As Isaac went running out of the nursery to go to his room to lay down, he tripped, and clocked his chin on the tile.

Doctor JB took a look and decided that our little Isaac needed stitches. During the last year, JB has really been working on getting his own little "mini clinic" in a bag so that he can take care of minor emergencies without needing an emergency room. He had everything we needed for Isaac to get the stitches right on our dining room table. Oh joy!

JB thought it would be difficult to stitch his own little guy (he stitched a neighbor's boy a few weeks ago), but he actually said it was easier than he thought. Veronica tried to sneak away to avoid having to see Isaac in pain, but JB told her we needed an extra hand. We had to pin him down for the numbing agent, but once that was over, he took getting the stitches rather well. Especially when he was promised ice cream. "I have chocolate ice cream for you," I said to him as he was crying and JB was stitching. "I want da-nilla!" he managed to cry back.

Here is a picture of boy and daddy watching Monsters and eating ice cream (all we had was chocolate) after the stitches were done:

It was an exhausting day, but Isaac was a trooper. We thought it very telling of our own Father's Love (especially on Easter Sunday). As soon as JB was done fixing Isaac up, Isaac immediately wanted his Daddy to hold him. We seek correction. We seek discipline. We need molding. And then we seek support from that same person who gave it. This is true of our Heavenly Father's discipline and love and of a mother or father on Earth as well.

Another interesting thing happened later that day. Isaac was talking to Grampa K. on the phone. As he retold the story of his stitches, he told Grampa that he got ice cream. Only he used the Turkish word for ice cream! That was really something. He will often say things in Turkish if asked but to interchange the word himself was really fun to witness. JB and I had a good laugh at this.

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!

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Faith said...

Awww, how precious do have his daddy do it! The only stitches I have ever had (besides the recent episiotimy, ouch!) were on my chin after falling in gym class at age 4 or so. So he and I will have matching scars maybe:).