Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leah is here ...

... and my foot is "okay."

While I am still limping quite a bit and my foot is still quite swollen, I can at least gimp around a bit which is a relief! I have dealt with sprains many times and am quite comfortable with how this will heal. I was quite panicked yesterday that this was something more serious. Not only was the pain quite intense but the way it was sprained and swelling had both me and JB concerned about something more serious. PRAISE THE LORD! I am so relieved.

That chapter is now "closed" and my friend Leah has arrived in Turkey.

Leah and I were roommates for a year in college. She was actually there the night JB proposed to me. After college, she moved to Louisville, and I moved to Franklin, and we just sort of lost touch. I haven't talked to her in over a decade. But with the invention of Facebook, we found each other. She is working in Germany now and had to do some work in Istanbul -- so she decided to jump over and see us. She is a world traveller. One of these people who is a professional at flying and traveling. She speaks nearly fluent German and plans on making her life outside of the U.S. now.

We stayed up way too late last night talking. She is only here to Monday and plans to take the trip to Cappadocia this weekend with our Base Tour Group so we only have a few days to catch up. I'll make sure to put a few photos up of our time catching up. But we hope we can continue to catch up when I go to Germany in a few months.

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