Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Could you pray ...

... that they find JB's luggage.

He has a lot of stuff in there that will be difficult and expensive to replace. Military uniforms to begin with. Electric razor. Very nice hiking boots.

This isn't the USA and navigating the system would be next to impossible without our friend Rana. They aren't showing his bag anywhere in the system, and we just aren't sure what the refund policy for the bag will be.

Please join us in prayer that the Lord will keep His hand on this bag and bring it back to us (with the help of Rana, who speaks Turkish) soon!


Email I just got from JB: "I called Delta who gave me the number for Delta in Istanbul who gave me the number for Celebi in Istanbul who handles lost luggage for Air France (not Delta) in Turkey. They said they have my bag. They want to send it as cargo, but I have to call back at 7:00 pm tonight for some reason. Why? Who knows. So I will call at 7:00 and hope they have my bag!"

Such fantastic news! Please keep praying. That bag has tons of stuff in it that would be very expensive and difficult for us to replace here.

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Anonymous said...

Praying sweeties! Tante Jan