Friday, April 08, 2011

Pray ...

... that our government can come to some agreements and avoid a shutdown -- something that will greatly effect the military.

This is hard to believe. These individuals really won't have the option to not go in and perform their job. JB will need to go in and see patients because whether he is paid or not does not change the fact that people here need to see the doctor.

We, will be fine. JB is an officer. And as a doctor, he is paid more than most military members. We are not living paycheck to paycheck.

But we are the minority. Most military families DO live paycheck to paycheck. Imagine a young mom who is home with her children while her husband is deployed finding out that this month there won't be money he is WORKING to provide.


So let's all pray that it will not come to that. (Click here to watch a video explaining how military continues to fight while pay does not come in.) Pray that something can be done to not put additional stress on families already living zillions of miles away from loved ones, with a spouse who may be deployed. Here is another article with more information as well. (Thanks Casey).

And, of course, funding of abortion is at the forefront of this debate as well. I pray for wisdom for the Leaders I have helped (or not helped) elect as they make decisions that greatly effect all of us.



Jenny said...

Plus, the commissary will shut down! :( Ryan has been told he will still have to report to work as well. He should get paid normally next Thursday, but after that... who knows when. Thankfully, we have our townhouse in MD rented out, so we can use the income from that to cover us. I do believe we will have to cover our entire health care premium though. Tough times... we absolutely must pray!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I am headed to the Commissary Right now!