Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweetness on Sunday

Yesterday we had the opportunity to:
  • Go with Lee & Kristi to their church! What an awesome place!
  • Eat Kristi's banana bread for breakfast.
  • Eat Lee's turkey and cheese paninis for lunch -- an awesome treat on a cool, fall day.
  • Play in the backyard with Logan, Raylee, and Isaac. All three kids were swinging at the same time. It was Isaac's first time in an "outside" swing. He LOVED it!
  • Take lots of pictures of the girls and Isaac outside in this beautiful weather and gorgeous landscape. I'll share some of them soon.
  • Take a two hour nap (JB -- not me.)
  • Enjoy grilled fish and steak for dinner.
  • Take Logan to pick a birthday present out at Target. I think this was more fun for me to watch her pick something out than it was for her to buy it.

It is so wonderful to be back with old friends -- the kind of old friends that there is no need to "catch up" with. You just feel like you pick up right where you left off. Lee & Kristi's home truly feels like a lodge and makes us really feel we are on vacation. The little guest house allows all of us a bit of family time in the evenings and early mornings.

This morning JB got up for a four mile run (made more difficult due to hills and altitude.) I hung out with Kristi and fed Isaac. We plan to do a little sigh-seeing in town today and just enjoy our last day with this awesome family. What a blessing to get to see them.

On another note, I would greatly appreciate any prayers for my Grama H. My Dad's Mom is very sick with cancer and is dealing with some difficult pain. We all continue to believe the Lord to heal and bring peace, comfort, and an absence of pain to my Grandmother. Your prayers added to this would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I love that title Wendi -
Sweetness on Sunday...
it is a good book, chapter or movie title! :)
love Tante Jan

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Wendi. I just read your blog about your day of flying. Isn't it awful with kids? I feel your pain. Poor Isaac! No diapers or bottles! Do you know how stressed I would be!? Flying is just so not conducive to children. We had to get off a 9:30 pm flight after sitting there for a while because they realized the windshield had cracked! Our kids had just fallen asleep. Jordan was one. We had to get off and wait for another plane. So I figured if my kids want to run around and holler I'll let them, maybe the airline will hurry up and get the process moving! (even though I'm glad they kept us from getting on the cracked windshield plane). I can't believe you had to get off the place twice! Love ya! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Wendi, please have John call his parents ASAP. They need to speak to him.