Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tribe Life Tuesdays: The Dance of Life:Let's Get Jiggy With It!

Have you ever said to yourself, “there are not enough hours in the day” or “how am I going to get all of this done?” If you have been here before, boy oh boy, you are not alone! I am right there with you. I have found myself saying these phrases more often than not this past year. I have a tendency to overcomplicate life and the best way for me to describe balance these days is in the form of a parable: a dance parable.

First we have the two-step, also known as the Texas Two-step. The two-step is a partner dance, consisting of a “leader” and a “follower.” The leader determines the movements and patterns of the pair as they move around the dance floor and it is a progressive dance. This dance is a beautiful picture of authority and submission. I feel like, and have been told countless times that I have this call to leadership. I am in no way saying that to pat myself on the back, if anything it feels weird even typing it out, but I digress. I must thank you Father time, grace, and the patience of my Tribe because they have helped shape that gift in me. Over time the leader in me has learned to submit to others, knowing I cannot DO enough to prove my self-worth nor do I have to. I’ve learned that I am great because I am me, and the same is true for you! I’ve learned that it’s important to partner with those who are able to lead well yet choose to follow graciously.

Then there is the Farruca: a form of the Flamenco. This dance often has fast turns, requires quick, intense footwork, has held lifts and falls, dramatic poses, and bursts of delicacy. My favorite thing about this dance is that is can be danced with a cape! YES! Because in my mind I am a super hero! I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to wear a cape?

The Farruca is an excellent description of life; the symbolism is so great!
  • Ever had a fast turn in life? Check. 
  • High and low moments? Check.  
  • Drama? I am a girl so double check. 
  • This is my favorite: bursts of delicacy? Check
It seems like this is an oxymoron but let’s stay here for just a moment. These bursts of delicacy can look something like this:
  • Celebrating a mommy to be at her baby shower and you can’t conceive
  • Being part of the marriage of 2 friends: when the desire for a spouse is your reverberating unanswered prayer
  • Congratulating others on their successes while you feel stuck
  • Holding your tongue when you have the answer
  • Honoring someone who hasn’t “earned it”
These are bursts of delicacy. So here’s my proposal: find the area you need to grow in (the area maybe you don’t like to talk about) and drench it with bursts of delicacy.  

Fox Trot 
Next we have the Fox Trot. This dance is particularly well suited to dancing in a crowded room. Danced by partners who may be as intimate as spouses or complete strangers. This is a dance of grace and style. 

Truth be told, I have never scored too high on the gracefulness tests. In fact, I probably should have told you this in the beginning: I do not dance. Never really have and don’t really do it now. 

Back to the important stuff: Fox Trotting and grace. I admire graceful people. To me, these are the people who walk into the room quietly, they observe, they are patient, and they are full. These are the people that choose their words wisely and have weighed their actions. Do you know someone like this? If not, I pray you meet them soon. They are invaluable.

Moving on to the Shag: in this dance the participants hop energetically. – ENOUGH SAID!

Lastly, the Merengue. In this dance the feet of the dancers are frequently dragged! Partners usually hold each other close, supporting one another and not letting go even through some tricky choreography. Partners may walk sideways or circle each other, always in small steps perfectly in line with the music. They can move and do separate turns without letting go of each other’s hands, they never lose their connection. Although the tempo of the music may be frenetic, the upper body is kept majestic and turns are slow. [insert jaw drop]

THERE IS SO MUCH TRUTH HERE! So here are my take-a-ways:

1.   Stay Connected: Find your tribe and love them hard!
2.   Stand Tall: Roll your shoulders back and be encouraged- you are strong and courageous and brave and you can do it! So go for it!
3.   It’s okay to Drag: There’s something gracefully beautiful about dragging your feet sometimes.
4.   Keep the Tempo: Set your pace and be the leader others want to follow.
5.   Turn in: Even when life is frantic find the majesty and hold onto it until life slows down. 

So, tell me what dance are you dancing right now? (comment below)

Are you Two-stepping, learning how to submit and follow well? Are you in the middle of the Merengue, trying to stay on beat? Or are you fox-trotting with elegance and grace?

Wherever you are, whatever dance you’re in right now, I’m thankful to be in this dance of life alongside you!

See you next Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

You are brilliant!
I love the dance analogy!
I don't know that much about dancing either but whatever dance so I'm not sure which one we are in.
As someone who has gone through years of infertility, I applaud the encouragement you gave to drench yourself in moments of grace. Just want to acknowledge that attending baby showers when you are unable to conceive is a gracious thing to do. Sometimes, especially in cases where the struggle goes beyond the expected length of time, the person we need to be gracious to may be ourselves and going to the showers isn't us being being non-gracious just different.
Some people can handle it and others cannot. Each pain and story is unique and like non other.
Congratulations on your guest blog! It is truly delightful! I laughed while reading it and then laughed again at the interpretive dance!

Carrie 😊 said...

Yes! Such good input and beautiful perspective!!! Thank you for sharing!

Andrew Holmes said...

Love it. Feel like a dancer now. The video was the perfect tie in! Please make analogy of the whip and nay nay.

Seriously, great insight!

"Ooo watch me watch me"