Monday, September 19, 2016

It's that time again! Surprise Ride!!

I've written previously on my Blog about the awesome folks over at Surprise Ride. I just love what they do, and was so excited to have the opportunity to review another awesome box on my Blog!

Here's Isaac who somehow got lucky enough to be the opener of the Box!

Isaac LOVES Geography so he was SOOOoooooo excited to find out that this box had to do with the theme of CHINA!

Just check out ALL the awesome things included in this month's box!
We absolutely LOVE seeing our box from Surprise Ride. This one including all things associated with the country of China included an abacus we could make ourselves, rice paper and a scroll we could paint ourselves, information on China, a book on China, and more!

Please continue reading below where I flashback to some things I have talked about on my Blog before. I just love what these folks are doing and really want to see their company thrive!


Surprise Ride was started by sisters and aunts of two active and curious boys. They were struggling to find unique gifts that would add value to their nephews lives. Hoping to return to their roots when the best memories were getting immersed in activities with family, they created Surprise Ride

I know I am not the only way who has struggled in buying innovative gifts for kids I love and especially my own four children. I am constantly asked by relatives "What can I get your kiddo for their birthday or Christmas." I've struggled to come up with things that won't simply fall into the toy box abyss at our house. I have written previously on my Blog about non-traditional gift giving. Trying to give memories and experiences instead of toys and "things."

Surprise Ride is just that!

Here's how it works. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, or those that love a child can buy one or more boxes to send to the special child in their life. The boxes are approximately $25-$35 each, but there are lots of coupons and deals you can get a hold of to cut down on your costs. You can buy just a one-time box or you can buy a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Each box arrives in a reusable box with all kinds of fun activities centering around a fun theme. The first box I received (with a coupon) was on Brazil -- in preparation for the Rio olympics. The second box I received to write my first review had to do with pirates. And now this third box from CHINA!

PLEASE KEEP THIS COMPANY IN MIND when you are looking for a perfect an innovative gift for that special child in your life. I think these boxes are great for ages 4-12, but ages 6-9 are probably specially inspired by the box!

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