Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Bought a Farm: The garden, at long last

It is with the utmost of excitement that I reveal photos of our garden ... finally! We have just not been able to get the garden up and going. Time and poor soil and lack of hay and a host of other things conspired against us! 

And then Mary Ann joined us. Folks I am actually not completely convinced that she isn't a real bonafide angel. Or at the very least, Mary Poppins. The woman is simply amazing. All this work gets done, we barely see her, she barely eats, and she rarely talks. Her sweetness just oozes off of her, and we simply LOVE her and would like her to stay with us FOREVER.

Mary Ann took over the garden, while JB helped some, she was truly the braun behind the operation ... and yet she still didn't want to plant a single thing until our family got out and planted first!

Here are some pictures of our fall garden! So incredibly excited to get this underway.

Sidge decided to wrestle Grampa to the ground during a break in the gardening action.

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Kim Eskola said...

Can I borrow her for about a week? Just a week!!!! Okay, a day day!! Plllleeeeaaasssseee?