Sunday, September 18, 2016

Back from a Friend-Getaway!

While JB did a string of nights (4 in a row!) I decided to take the kiddos to visit some friends near Raleigh. I have two great friends that live thirty minutes from each other!

First up, I headed to Hershal and Michelle's house. Michelle has been my friend since we were five years old! She has three awesome kiddos.

Here is a pic of the first time we reconnected after being overseas for four years (above). And the second picture is just now. Kids have changed a lot!!

Michelle and me! They have an AWESOME neighborhood water park that we went to twice!

My little Hannah. Such a piece of work!

The kiddos ranging in age form 3-9!

They all get along so great!

Michelle I took the younger kids on a field trip to Target. (Oh Target how I love thee!) :)

After two nights with Hershal and Michelle and kiddos we headed across town to spend two days with our great friends from Eglin: John and Becky. Becky and I bonded over infertility while living there and we now have six amazing children through the blessings of pregnancy and adoption!

All six kids decided to take down Mr. John.

The six of them. Becoming such great friends!

Both of these families are such beautiful examples of Christ. I am especially blessed by the quality of MAN that these two women married. These men helped me get my luggage in, get our beds ready, pack up my vehicles, etc. They are just GREAT guys, and I truly like them nearly as much as the ladies of the family. 

And the kids? Just beautiful, awesome, wonderful kiddos! 

What a great weekend. 

Now back to the grind!!!

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