Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Grief is something I write about a lot on this Blog. Ironically, I have not suffered a vast amount of personal grief in the loss of people I love. But infertility and losing my pup and watching those I love suffer loss, has truly impacted me.

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One was written by Kathe Wunnenberg. I had no idea when I got this book to review that she was writing of the losses in her life, many of which paralleled my own (or those I love). Kathe's losses included: infertility, adoption, miscarriages, carrying a child with a fatal birth defect, the loss of a child, being an older mother, depression, etc. 

Wunnenberg knows that aren't easy answers for those who mourn. Her devotions are tender and comforting and help you deal with grief and find hope and strength in God. Each devotion includes a scripture, a discussion, a prayer, and then a place for you to journal your own thoughts.

I also love that the book is split into typical grief stages like:
  • denying
  • venting
  • questioning
  • bargaining
  • crying
  • surrendering
  • accepting
  • praising
  • being
  • celebrating
  • relating
  • living
There is also a place that allows you to have special reading for special holidays. 

As I read, I felt validated and understood and closer to the Lord. I strongly recommend this book for those of you grieving or as a gift for those grieving in your life.

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