Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Enjoying our Duck!

I love when my husband cooks. Because he doesn't just cook. It is like art to him. He puts together amazing things and makes them taste and look just .... amazing.

Unfortunately, becoming an ER doc meant he couldn't cook every meal in our house anymore. When he works, he works until 7pm. And when he is home, the farm takes a lot of time. So he now cooks maybe once a week. But each time he cooks, it is just so, so, yum!

Yesterday JB decided that the nine ducks we have had in our freezer for half a year needed to be used. So he defrosted all of them and used all the breasts for the meal above! (This is only half of it as with two WWOOFers and Grampa and Grampa we have 10 at dinner right now.) Now he is using the rest for some stock. There's a huge pot on the stove doing some sort of magic. JB said the pot will be going for about a week. Seriously!

No, seriously, the pot is big. Look.

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