Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hannah is Three

This little lady is so incredibly special to me. I truly often feel like I can't capture Hannah in words on paper when I Blog. She is so full of life, so determined, so strong-willed, so funny, so verbose, so silly, so impulsive, so intelligent, and just so ... Well, she's unlike any other child I have had. All my children have been very different from the one before, but Hannah is my first child with a strong-willed personality and while it leaves me exasperated EVERY single day, it truly defines her. 

She is a world-changer. She is a leader. She knows her mind. She wants to run the show. She has a tiny minnie mouse voice in a great big body, and everyone who meets her is blown away by how much older she seems. She truly speaks as well as my other kids. Her vocabulary is deep and engaging. (And if anyone tells you it is because I read so much to her, they are full of it. She's my fourth kid. She's gotten more screen-time than books for sure.) 

I was out of town for her birthday on September 4, so we celebrated it yesterday, September 6. But she KNEW September 4 was her birthday day so we made sure to pretend the day was September 4. We opened presents at home and had ice cream cake (that Isaac can eat.) We sang to her and she glowed with the attention.

She got some wonderful gifts, but one of her favorites (that I am going to try and take a picture of today) was a "big girl bed" from Grampa and Grama. I had gotten rid of her crib and her new bed has just been on the floor, but Grampa and Grama found a little girl bed to put the mattress on. It's adorable.

Here are some photos of my three year old World-Changer!

Papa Coach and Grama Di gave Hannah a card with three dollars in it. (And 30 cents tithe too!)

Someone suggested this online to me! I took them up on their idea. A mermaid blanket.

Some puzzles from Rob and Sherrie

We bought this Crayola ice cream cake you decorate yourself. My husband (a graphic designer) found the tools they gave you to do it, impossible. So he decided to just clobber the cake!

My parents got Hannah a pillowcase with her name on it.

From Rob and Sherrie

Here's a video of the game Uncle Matt and Aunt Danielle sent. All the kiddos are going to like (and fight) over this one.

Isaac at three
Elijah "Sidge" at three
Abigail at three

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