Friday, September 02, 2016

Friday Funnies

JB and I have often disagreed about what you call a grocery ... unit. He calls it a buggy. I call it a cart. Hannah went grocery shopping with Grampa. When she and I next went to the store she said, "Grampa calls that a boogey."


I laughed when I realized that my Elijah (aka "Sidge") didn't know how to spell Elijah. Ooops. Gotta work on that at school. I guess his new name is Sidge forever!


Abigail bites her nails like crazy, and I put a special stuff on her fingers to keep her from biting them. Hannah wanted her nails painted too. I explained that this wasn't paint. It was because Abigail bit her nails. To which Hannah immediately started biting her nails. "Okay. Now I need that polish too. I'm biting my nails."

1 comment:

Sherrie said...

LOL Rob has never once called it a buggy... He said its one of those old phrases only his dad uses.