Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Snaps from our Joni

Joni is here. She always takes some be-u-tiful pics while she is here and this visit has been no different. The weather is just glorious so we have been outside a ton -- eating all of our meals outside for sure. Here are some pics to share with you:

Dinner for my birthday. Grama made me my favorite -- chicken cutlets! I have loved that meal since JB and I were just dating.

Our new WWOOFer (from New Zealand), Emily. She's been a great addition and we are excited to have her with us for three weeks!

Isaac with Arabelle

Ritter absolutely LOVES to be on his back. He rolls over any chance he gets to ask someone for a belly rub. He will walk in front of you and just flop down and get on his back. He is a snuggly pile of fuzz!

Ritter's eyes here crack me up.

Sidge and Abigail headed out for an egg check.

Sidge giving the chickens some feed.

We have to give them a bit of feed or getting to their house is a major pain because they just flock you!

Isaac with his water gun, waiting to get a good shot on Joni.

My kiddos just love to catch chickens.

Sidge with one of his favorites.

Here I am with my yummy ice cream cake! Grama has started making these for all the birthdays since Isaac can eat them and we all love them so much!!

Cute pic of Hannah and Joni. Hannah is coming off a nasty sickness that has made her quite the crank-pot. My mom, unfortunately, got the worst of her bad mood. Joni is here for her starting to feel better, but she is still quite moody.

Jodi doing the macarena. Ha! Actually she is feeding chickens.

Joni helping out.

Feeding the chicks.

Isaac showing Joni one of the chicks.

I love this pic of Abigail with Ritter while Arabelle runs in the background.

We are having SOOO much fun with these two doggies. What a joy they have been to us.

Time to visit the sheep!

Sidge trying to say hi to everyone's favorite: Snowball.

My Boy. Getting so big.

Our newest addition: Ballerina. A girl! 

Isaac is not a fan of the sheep. He'd much rather spend time with the chickens.

We weren't able to get a photo but Ritter had the Captain America shield in his mouth and was running around with it over his face. Made us all laugh hard!

Doing what puppies do ... chew!

More belly rubs.

Chewing on a stick.

JB having Ritter illustrate his "sit." He's doing a great job! Both dogs are doing well, but Ritter definitely seems to be catching on a bit faster.

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