Sunday, May 08, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Erin & Kiddos come to farm

My husband went to the same small Christian school as I did growing up. (Think 15-30 kids per class.) He has stayed in touch with many of his classmates -- but marginally. Only one classmate, Craig, has really "stood the test of time" and been a childhood friend JB has really stayed in touch with.

Ten years ago I met Erin, Craig's new wife. She was ... awesome. Truly one of the coolest ladies I have ever met. JB was in their gorgeous wedding, and with Craig also in the Air Force, our paths have managed to cross a few times. There is no doubt that if we lived near each other we would be best girlfriends. We have probably only really been in the same place at the same time about 3-4 times in the last ten years, but each time we are, we connect like long-lost childhood friends and can talk for HOURS. Literally!

What I really love about Erin is that she truly came to find Christ as an adult. She always knew Him, but she truly found Him as a grown up. And she is living so strongly for HIM! She has a marriage, due to the love of the Lord, that shouts His love and she has two beautiful brown-eyed children (Zoey (4) and Zack (2)) that are being brought up in a Christian home and are seeing God's love every day. 

In addition, Erin is an incredibly clean and organized person. Now I've always considered myself pretty organized and pretty clean, but Erin BLOWS me out of the water. I love that when people come to the farm they bring their gifts. Seriously everyone seems to have something they can share with me. Two weeks ago, Angelica came and revolutionized my living room. (I'm still planning on writing a post on that!) And this weekend, Erin came and revolutionized my kitchen. With barely a breath of "Is this okay?" Erin dug in deep into my kitchen, and it spilled out into my school room (and after she left into the girls bedroom.)

She made me laugh so hard with her very kind task-master ways. She'd put things in front of me to decide where they went, and when I would start to wander away, she'd sweetly say, "Come back her please. You have to take care of this!" 

Here she is posing with my incredibly cleaned-out and organized refrigerator:

Oh what an exhausting (think six kids and staying up way too late) but fulfilling three days we spent with Erin and her kiddos. Here are some pictures of our fun!

The kids admiring the view!

The girls sending the man out for groceries!

Isaac and Zack at Grama's house.

Sidge and Zack taking down some tunes!

I love seeing the boys teaching other kids how to take care of the animals. Our chickens are nearly entirely the boys job. Sidge is allowing Zack to "help" collect eggs.

Abigail has JUST been getting the hang of catching chickens. (The kids do this simply for fun -- and to keep the chickens used to people.)

Here is me trying to help Zoey catch a chicken. She loved it and was freaked out by it all at once!

On Thursday, the boys and I had piano lessons. Erin needed to make a store-run (Walmart is the best we can do in these parts!) so she volunteered to take Abigail with her two. (She also volunteered to take Hannah too, but I showed her mercy.)

Another reason I love Erin? While she is training for a half-marathon and is a former professional ballerina, she is not shy about her love for food. When I told her there was a Dunkin Donuts near Walmart, she got quite giddy. Here are the kiddos enjoying their donuts. 

Erin on a hike with little Zack. Oh is he a happy little guy!

We took a walk over to the old 1910 farmhouse on our property (whose future is still under debate.) The kids enjoyed the swing out in front (even though the ticks also enjoyed this spot.)

A few more people looking at the camera.

My girls had a little ballet performance for a nursing home, and Zoey came with us. I loved how much Abigail and Zoey played together during this outing. It is so fun to watch Abigail come out of her shell and make friends. And Zoey has a great imagination to help lead her on adventures!

Another picture of the new best friends. So fun for me!

On their way back home, we stopped at Yoder's for a fun last lunch. Here is attempt one at a picture of all of the kids.

A second attempt went a tad better.

Not too shabby.

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